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Desegregating Topeka Public Schools – 45 years after Brown v. Board

In this 13-minute short video, taken from a longer oral history interview, Ben Scott - minister, NAACP official, former legislator, school board member--talks first about his experiences growing up in Liberty, Texas attending segregated schools. (Scott moved to Topeka to go to Washburn University.) Later in the interview, after he became a member of the Topeka Public Schools Board of Education, he describes the Board's attempts to comply with a federal court order to desegregate schools. This clip could be used in conjunction with the lesson plan on Understanding Segregation. The full content of Scott's interview and transcript is in Collections/Diverse Voices in Public Policy. Interviewer is Joan Wagnon. There is more information about the court case in the "Biography of The Honorable Richard Dean Rogers, Senior United States District Judge, " a history prepared 1994-1995 by Homer Socolofsky, United States District Court, District of Kansas, 1995. Printed in U.SA. by Mennonite Press. Pertinent sections appear on pp. 106-107 and also pp. 111-113.

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