• irrigation -- an example of the application of water policy in Kansas

Getting Serious About Water Woes On the High Plains

Rex Buchanan, Director Emeritus of the Kansas Geological Survey, a KOHP interviewer, and commentator for Kansas Public Radio (KPR) recently made some observations about the continuing evolution of water policy in Kansas. This commentary serves as an addendum to the KOHP Reflections on Water oral history collection. [...]

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Gathering Strays: Stories from Kansas and the Southwestern Plains

Rancher, writer and retired English professor, Dr. Jim Hoy has a new book about life on the great plains. Hoy is also a board member of the Kansas Oral History Project, Inc. He is also a retired English professor at Emporia State who grew up in a ranching family near the Flint Hills town of Cassoday. He is still involved in ranching. As Rex Buchanan points out, "Jim knows Chaucer AND cattle." The book is called Gathering Strays: Stories from Kansas and the Southwestern Plains and is available from the University Press of Kansas. Rex Buchanan's closing comment: "If you've spent much time in Kansas, this book will increase your appreciation for the state's people and their history. And if you're new to'll get a first-class introduction to the place we call home. There's no place like it."

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Nominees for Board of Director Positions

The Kansas Oral History Project Board of Directors consists of 15 people who serve 3 year terms, with 5 elected each year at its annual meeting. The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors is recommending two current directors continue and five new directors, to be added and voted on at the December 2, 2023 Annual Meeting.

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Match Day at Western Kansas Community Foundation November 14-28, 2023

The Kansas Oral History Project (KOHP) just established the Kansas Oral History Endowed Fund held at the Western Kansas Community Foundation (WKCF). Now KOHP can participate in WKCF's Match Day and raise money for our 2024 operational needs.  The matching funds go to our endowed fund. One of the reasons for choosing WKCF was their commitment to strengthening nonprofits by creating MatchDay – by giving participating organizations the opportunity to raise all important operating dollars while winning match dollars which go to strengthen their endowed funds. 

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  • Janis Lee, Lana Oleen, Joan Wagnon, Kansas

Women in Politics Research

Women who served in the Kansas Legislature during the 1990s were interviewed for a Washburn University oral history project while they were in office; some of them were interviewed again some 20 years later by the Kansas Oral History Project. Looking back on their time in the legislature, the interviewees did not report experiencing overt gender discrimination while serving in the Legislature but described challenges.

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