The Kansas Oral History Collection

The voices of Kansans in our shared past have shaped our state’s character. They continue to influence our lives today and will do so into the future. Preserving those voices and integrating them into our cultural life is important to sustain the democratic values essential for a vibrant and healthy society.


Diverse Voices in Kansas Public Policy

Diverse Voices in Public Policy

Energy & Environment collection

Energy & Environment

Kansas Courts and the Rule of Law

Kansas Courts and the Rule of Law

Kansas Governors

interviews notable kansans

Notable Kansans

reflections on water interviews kohp

Reflections on Water

statehouse conversations interviews kohp

Statehouse Conversations

Women Then and Now Project

Women, Then and Now Project

“At its heart, public policy is about people. Laws, rules, and programs grow from individuals interacting with one another. These are the stories behind those interactions.”

Jay Price, History Department Chair,
Wichita State University

The Kansas Oral History Collection

Kansas Oral History Project is currently exploring important late Twentieth Century public policy issues:

State budget    Education funding    Water policy    Taxation     Legislative culture    Urban vs Rural representation  •  Civility  •   Leadership  •  Inclusion and Diversity  •  Judicial System  •  Energy & Environment 

and so many more, each with a unique story.

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