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Statehouse Conversations

Statehouse Conversations contains interviews with former legislators who served from 1960-2020. The collection is significant because the interviews focus on  public policy issues and the dynamics of the legislative process as the starting point for legislators’ recollections. Interviewees were selected because they played leading roles in the development of substantive public policy.

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Kansas Governors

Kansas Governors includes interviews of former governors who also served in the legislature. These interviews focus on their legislative activity and provide insight into how their political and policy skills were shaped by their legislative experiences.

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reflections on water interviews

Reflections on Water

Reflections on Water is a series of oral history interviews of individuals who shaped state water policy in the 1970s and 1980s. Rex Buchanan, Director Emeritus of the Kansas Geological Survey, conducts the interviews of legislators, natural resource planners, administrators, farmers and environmentalists.

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notable kansans interviews

Notable Kansans

Notable Kansans is a collection of interviews of people who have served in a variety of roles, related to the development or administration of public policy. Generally, these individuals had long public service careers. Their impact on government or life in Kansas is unmistakable and positive.

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Women, Then and Now Project

Women, Then and Now Project includes new interviews of  some of the women legislators whose legislative experiences were initially captured during interviews by Washburn University faculty members in 1990-92. The more recent interview explores their experiences in office as they look back on their years of service. The questions posed probe their perceptions at the beginning of their service and at the end. In addition, this collection includes several short conversations with small groups of the former legislators who compare their experiences.

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