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Civic Engagement2023-10-27T13:18:48-05:00

Civic Engagement

About this Resource

Civic Engagement exists as part of the current KSDE Kansas Education Systems of Accreditation (KESA) foundational structures, thus all systems need to address civic engagement in a variety of ways. School systems also have the option to apply for Civic Advocacy Network (CAN) recognition awards based on evidence of civic engagement. The KOHP can help in both these areas. Civic Engagement involves both learning in the classroom and service projects in the community. Given that part of civic engagement is educational, the KOHP can be an important tool to teach about different areas of state and local government for a variety of grade levels. There exists the possibility to create oral history projects, with the KOHP as the model, that engage the community. Further, high school students can utilize the KOHP to teach younger students about civic engagement, which itself is a part of civic engagement, an important aspect of CAN requirements.

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